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Cruisin‘ in VW Image Spot

Our song Cruisin‘ was featured in a Volkswagen spot for the VW Group Night in Geneva on March 3rd. Watch the clip!

Any concerts? What’s going on?

We often get asked when we will play our next live show. And believe us, we wanna go on stage soon. You’ll be the first to know. Promised! Right now we have a different focus and prepare a lot of stuff in the background. By the way: especially the holy cats masterplan is part of…



Become a holy cat yourself. This is how it works!

You wanna get a personal connection to the band? Become part of what we do? You can! Running a band easily becomes a full time job. It is not just about writing songs, recording and the live performance. Somebody also needs to take care of bookings, social media, the website, video & photo shoots, promo,…



Saturday night in Berlin. The Holy Cats stray through clubs and bars. Their mission is short and simple: having fun and making the world dance!


Electro beats meet indie-rock energy. Catchy pop-melodies hit rough sounds. This is not ment to be liked by everybody. This is ment to be real.


The last months Tobias Fricke and Stefan Söllner have spent in the studio with producer Leon Rodt to work on some new tracks. Since November 2013 the charming DJane Hanna Kraatz has joined the band to take care of Keys and Electronics on stage.



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